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Aircraft Modelers Research Inc. - Hobby shop

Welcome to AMR Hobby Shop's website. We specialized in giant scale RC aircraft models and we manufacture and sell model airplane kits along with ARF and RTF planes.

In business since 2007 we provide our customers with easy to assemble airplanes kits, ARF/RTF aircraft and all they need to build and fly their RC airplane. AMR is also an exclusive distributor of renowned brands of model kits for airplanes, helicopters, and boats as well as their accessories and spare parts.

DJI Phantom

Phantom 2 Vision - multirotors - quadcopters - quadcopters

Phantom 2 Vision$989 CDN

DJI : DJI-6185
This is the latest Phantom 2 VISION + now equipped with a 3rd Axis gimbal for even smoother videos! The Phantom 2 Vision+ ushers in a new era of aerial cinematography with its brand new and incredibly stable 3-axis gimbal, combined with the sharp, powerful DJI-designed camera, making professional... Learn more

Phantom 2 Vision plus - multirotors - quadcopters - quadcopters

Phantom 2 Vision plus$1379.99 CDN

DJI : DJI-6188
The Phantom 2 Vision+ is the perfect solution for all of your aerial photography, both recreational and professional. From real estate to wild life photography, industrial inspection, video production, educational research and much more, the Phantom makes it easy to get an incredible aerial perspect... Learn more

Phantom - multirotors - quadcopters - quadcopters

Phantom$529.99 CDN

DJI : DJI-6194
Features Attractive and Highly Integrated Design Ready to Fly Design Contains Remote Control Unit. (Just add 4 x AA batteries) Stable, Yet Agile Performance, Easy to Fly Two Flight Control Modes, Including Position Hold Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) Failsafe & auto go home/landing Low volta... Learn more

Phantom 2 (2.4G) - multirotors - quadcopters - quadcopters

Phantom 2 (2.4G)$636.99 CDN

DJI : DJI-6190
Capture the world around you, and share your unique point of view like never before! Flying cameras allow you to take astonishing photos and videos from an entirely new perspective that would otherwise be impossible or extremely expensive. The Phantom 2 is unbelievably easy to fly. Combined with sm... Learn more

Phantom FC40 - multirotors - quadcopters - quadcopters

Phantom FC40$569.99 CDN

DJI : DJI-6193
Features DJI Phantom FC40 - Complete quad copter, video camera and remote transmitter, pre-tuned by the factory and ready in minutes! Just charge the included battery, attach the propellers and add 4 AA batteries to the remote and you"re flying. Integrated video camera with 720p HD video recording... Learn more

Zenmuse H3-3D (for Phantom 2 Only) - multirotors - quadcopters - quadcopters-parts

Zenmuse H3-3D (for Phantom 2 Only)$419.99 CDN

DJI : DJI-6191
Use the Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal for extreme camera stability and silky smooth video recording. 3-axis high performance gimbal Effortless Setup Compatible with DJI flight control systems Part of the Zenmuse family Independent IMU Online Upgrade ... Learn more

New Products

A38 OHC Gas Engine - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - gas-engines

A38 OHC Gas Engine$399 CDN

Features 37.7 cc CNC machined housing made from a special aluminum alloy Overhead camshaft (OHC) with belt Runs with 1:50 mixture (oil / gasoline) Compression ratio 8.8:1 Propeller 2 blade 19x10 to 20x10, 3 blade 16x8 to 17x10 Power 1.5 kw at 7000 Ignition to 8.4 V operable (2-cell LiPo battery dir... Learn more

500B4-J Gas engine - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - gas-engines

500B4-J Gas engine$6399.99 CDN

ZDZ : 500B4-J
Description Very powerful, very light and compact, super low vibration level and easy to cool quad boxer 500B4-J. This engine with separated heads and especially designed and secured cranshaft alongside with completely new design of cylinders brings very high level of reliability, durabily and great... Learn more

CMOS 600TVL Fixed Camera - fpv-systems-cameras-telemetry - fpv-systems - cameras-lens-mount

CMOS 600TVL Fixed Camera$43.99 CDN

Fat Shark RC Vision Systems : FSV1202
... Learn more

Attitude V2 FCC-Certified Bundle - fpv-systems-cameras-telemetry - fpv-systems - fpv-drones-complete-systems

Attitude V2 FCC-Certified Bundle$554.99 CDN

Fat Shark RC Vision Systems : FSV2300
... Learn more

AR9020 9-Channel  DSMX/XPlus Receiver - electronics - receivers - 24ghz

AR9020 9-Channel DSMX/XPlus Receiver$164.99 CDN

Spektrum : SPMAR9020
Description 9-channel full range receiver Includes one internal and two remote receivers SmartSafe failsafe system Flight Log and Telemetry compatible (optional) Patented MultiLink receiver technology X-Plus compatible QuickConnect 2048 Resolution High-speed 11ms operation when used with capable tr... Learn more

Rockstar 48 - boats - gas-boats - sport-pleasure-boats-gas

Rockstar 48$1399.99 CDN

Pro Boat : PRB09000
Features Powerful water-cooled Dynamite® 26cc gas engine capable of propelling the catamaran to speeds of over 40 MPH The R.O.S.S.™ starter system gets the Rockstar 48 inch catamaran up and running in seconds with the push of a button To better power its behemoth size the Rockstar Catamaran... Learn more

Miss GEICO 29 BL Cat 2.4 RTR V2 - boats - electric-boats - sport-pleasure-boats-electric

Miss GEICO 29 BL Cat 2.4 RTR V2$428.99 CDN

Pro Boat : PRB4100B
Features Capable of reaching speeds of 50+mph Includes Spektrum™ 2.4Ghz DX2E marine radio system including the MR200 marine receiver Updated trim scheme to match the full scale Miss Geico catamaran In-line rudder system provides predictable handling while keeping the model glued to the water Water... Learn more

Blackjack 29 BL RTR - boats - electric-boats - sport-pleasure-boats-electric

Blackjack 29 BL RTR$437.99 CDN

Pro Boat : PRB4150
Features Capable of reaching speeds of 50+mph Includes Dynamite® marine electronics that have been overhauled to withstand the rigors of high speed action Includes Spektrum™ 2.4Ghz DX2E marine radio system including the MR200 marine receiver Off-set rudder system provides superb stability in all wa... Learn more

Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR V2 - boats - electric-boats - sport-pleasure-boats-electric

Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR V2$439.99 CDN

Pro Boat : PRB4250B
Features Capable of reaching speeds of 50+ mph Includes Dynamite® marine electronics that have been overhauled to withstand the rigors of high-speed action Includes Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DX2E marine radio system and the MR200 marine receiver Offset rudder system provides superb stability... Learn more

Radian Pro PNP - aircraft - arf-rft - gliders

Radian Pro PNP$189.99 CDN

ParkZone : PKZ5475
Designed with experienced sailplane pilots in mind, the Radian® Pro sailplane comes out of the box with ailerons and functioning flaps that let you take advantage of sailplane mixing functions like reflex, camber and crow. But you don’t have to have a programmable system to fly it. Anyone with a 5-c... Learn more

DX6i 6 Channel Transmitter Only MD2 - electronics - radios - radios-24ghz

DX6i 6 Channel Transmitter Only MD2$131.99 CDN

Spektrum : SPMR6630
The 6-channel DX6i includes software for airplanes and helicopters as well as benefits like ModelMatch™ technology and 10-model memory. Programming the DX6i is about as intuitive as it gets. The combination of its Simple Scroll™ interface, easy-to-read LCD screen and simplified menu navigation will ... Learn more

35-400 FLUSH CUT SAW - tools - hand-tools - cutting-sawing-drilling-tools

35-400 FLUSH CUT SAW$8.99 CDN

Zona Woodcraft : 35-400
... Learn more

Featured Engines

Radial 300 cc 5 cylinders - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - gas-engines

Radial 300 cc 5 cylinders$5199.99 CDN

MOKI : S 300
Features 5 cyl. Radial engine with 300 cc Rear intake Mounted silencer ring Processor-controlled ignition with integrated ignition timing MOKI ignition with new electronic ignition! Displacement 300 cc Power about 18 hp Weight 6400 g including ignition Recommended propeller Two-blade of 34 x 18 ... Learn more

Radial 350cc 7 cylinders - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - gas-engines

Radial 350cc 7 cylinders$5999.99 CDN

MOKI : S 350/7
Features 7 cyl. Radial engine with 350 cc Rear intake Mounted silencer ring Processor-controlled ignition with integrated ignition timing MOKI ignition from 2013 with new electronic ignition! Displacement 350 cc Power about 19,5 hp Weight 7200 g including ignition ... Learn more

Aircraft Kits

Extra 260 43% - aircraft - kits-to-be-assembled - airplanes-kits Low Wing Stick 50 - aircraft - kits-to-be-assembled - airplanes-kits Spirit 40 - aircraft - kits-to-be-assembled - airplanes-kits Giant Stick 50 for twin engine - aircraft - kits-to-be-assembled - airplanes-kits
AMR - Balsa USA - MR Aerodesign - SIG - Top Flite

Aircraft RTF & ARF

100cc Ultimate QB Custom Dash Panel  - aircraft - arf-rft - arf-rtf-parts Alpha 450 Sport PNP - aircraft - arf-rft - airplanes-arf-rtf 30cc Edge 540 ARF- QB White/Orange/Black - aircraft - arf-rft - airplanes-arf-rtf 100cc Ultimate 20-300 ARF- QB Red/Yellow/black - aircraft - arf-rft - airplanes-arf-rtf
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Saito FG-40 Gas Single Cylinder Engine: BQ - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - gas-engines ROTO 50V2 - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - gas-engines RCGF 45cc rear induction - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - gas-engines EME55IIAS - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - gas-engines
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GP .42 ABC W/MUFFLER - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - glow-engines G-61 ABC RC W/MUFFLER - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - glow-engines .95AX RING - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - glow-engines JBA 56A Glow Engine - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - glow-engines
ASP - Evolution Engines - JBA - O.S. Engine - SuperTigre - Thunder Tiger USA


HD4250-710KV Outrunner Brushless motor - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - electric-motors Park 300 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 1380Kv - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - electric-motors Power 60 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 470Kv - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - electric-motors SuperTigre .10 Brushless Motor - engines-accessories - gas-engines-electric-motors - electric-motors
Blade - Dynamite - E-flite - Flyzone - Great Planes - O.S. Engine - Power HD - SuperTigre
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